Saudi General Surgery Society Conference


Dr.Ramzi Addas

Since I started as a Thoracic surgeon in the National Guard Hospital in September 2017, I performed numerous numbers of Thoracic operations including both benign and malignant pathologies involving lungs, airway, chest wall , pleura , mediastinum as well as foregut .That was both minimally invasive and open approaches.

I performed tens of esophagoscopies and flexible bronchoscopies for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. During this period, I was involved in the diagnosis and management of hundreds of patients in Prince Noura Oncology centre as well all other departments in the hospital with daily new consultations. In addition to that I was the director of the residency training program of general surgery from March 2018 till September 2020. During that time, I worked with my colleagues in the general surgery department to improve the training quality of the residents from all aspects including but not limited to their knowledge, clinical and surgical skills.

I was appointed also as an assistant professor in King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz university where I teach and assess our medical students and make sure that we are participating positively in the graduation of our future doctors. Currently working on Robot Assisted Thoracic Surgery (RATS) techniques and In May 2022 obtained the de Vinci Technology training as Console Surgeon that took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. I performed numbers of successful Robotic Thoracic operations so far and welling to become a pioneer in Robotic Thoracic surgery in the region.